7 tips for a good accommodation name

7 tips for a good accommodation name

They are usually short sentences, but the title or name of an accommodation is really important. Guests remember it more easily and it is a factor when booking. Below we have described 7 tips for a good accommodation name.

Designate no city

Since the city is shown specifically on your ad it is a shame to mention it again in the title. Rather use this space to highlight unique aspects of your accommodation.

Avoid abbreviations

Abbreviations cause confusion and mean little to a potential guest. This results in a tendency for them not to book your accommodation. In addition, abbreviations make guests think, which makes them willing to quit. Nobody wants to think too much and gamble what you mean by an abbreviation.

Use magic words

though many people claim that images say more, we must of course not forget that our words often weigh heavily as well. Therefore, use nice and positive words in your accommodation name. Think of words like: beautiful, breathtaking, extraordinary, exciting, friendly and clean.

Use the correct language

You are completely free to determine the language with which you describe the titles of your accommodation. However, it is important to consider which guests you want to attract. If you have described your accommodation names in Dutch, it is difficult for international guests to understand. Contrary to that, you do make your accommodation more attractive to Dutch guests. We advise you to describe your accommodation name in English.

Don't use symbols and emoji's

Avoid capital letters, exclamation marks or question marks. This will make your accommodation appear more reliable, credible and professional. Emojis are fun, but do not bring added value. In fact, they can deter people from booking.

Do not use standard titles

It is important that your accommodation name tells the guest something special, unique or specific. For example, what you offer or how spacious the space is. A title like 'B&B in Amsterdam' won't remember anyone or will only confuse them with other accommodations. Unique accommodation names make you stand out from other accommodations.


You now know how to write an effective and fun accommodation name. This will undoubtedly increase the chance of more bookings. Read more nice tips about renting out your accommodation. We will soon launch 'Suggestions' in the app to help you come up with a nice accommodation name for your listing. In summary, to write the perfect accommodation name, you need to stick to the following tips:

  • Designate no city
  • Avoid abbreviations
  • Use magic words
  • Use the correct language
  • Don't use symbols and emojisms
  • Do not use standard titles
  • Have it unique and short