Want to continue renting out your space privately in despite the Corona virus? Read our tips and advice!

Want to continue renting out your space privately in despite the Corona virus? Read our tips and advice!

We can't ignore it anymore, the Corona virus has also struck in the Netherlands. Where one reacts quite soberly to the situation, the other has started to panic. As a private landlord through for example Airbnb, Musjroom or Couchsurfing you also have to deal with it. Because do you keep renting out or do you find it unwise - in view of possible contamination - to allow 'strangers' into your home?

Why you can continue to successfully rent out

As a private landlord you may be worried about loss of income. We won't beat around the bush, this is real. The hospitality industry suffers a lot; customers cancel their reservations for fear of contagion. But don't be discouraged. What makes your position strong right now is that as a landlord you don't run a location where there are more than 100 people at the same time.

At the moment, large hotels need to take measures that are not appropriate for you. Most hosts of Musjroom offer some sleeping places, so no worries. If you follow the guidelines of the central government - and communicate transparently about this, see point 3 - you show your guests that they can book with you with peace of mind. Who knows, private rentals might just get a boost from this. We hope so!

Tips and advices to continue renting out successfully

We - from Musjroom - are currently receiving many questions from tenants and landlords about the risks of private rental with regard to the Corona virus. For the time being, there is no reason to stop renting out completely. But - and this is very important - then the guidelines of the central government should be observed. We have compiled a list of tips and advice that you can use.

1. Stay relaxed!

We start this list with the advice to stay calm. This may sound easier than it is, but it is very important. In a panic, usually no handy decisions are made. Rely on the guidelines drawn up by the central government. We base our advice on these guidelines. This is because they have been drawn up by specialists with knowledge of the facts.

At the moment the most idiotic tips and tricks are being shared on social media. In many cases, there is no source mentioning that this is based on scientific evidence. Be critical of what you read and don't just assume everything. Reliable information can be found at bona fide sources, such as the Government and RIVM.


2. Reduce the chance of infection with the Corona virus


In order to reduce the risk of infection with the Corona virus as much as possible, you as a landlord can take a number of measures. Here we have used the guidelines of the Rijksoverheid.

Measures to prevent infection and spread of the Corona virus:
  • Please inform your guests before arrival of the measures taken and rules in force (see point 3)
  • Give your guests on arrival a printed list of the measures taken and rules in force (see point 3)
  • Don't make bookings if you have (mild) colds
  • Make sure you have enough hand soap and paper towels for you and your guests.
  • Offer your guests paper tissues and make sure you have enough stock.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and dry with paper towels
  • Remind your guests to wash their hands on a regular basis.
  • Use paper tissues if you have to cough and sneeze and throw them away immediately after use.

Advantages of private rental through Musjroom during the Corona crisis

In view of the current situation, Musjroom offers a number of advantages over other providers such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

Advantage of hosting via Musjroom:

  • Book overnight stays until the very last moment.
  • Cancel easily and free of charge.
  • In view of the current state of affairs Musjroom has taken measures so that no more than 2 guests per booking will be accepted.
  • Users of Musjroom are mainly national, local travelers. This still entails less risk than international travellers.
  • At Musjroom you decide who you accept as a guest, at other parties you can't refuse.
  • 24/7 support