Vakantiebeurs 2020 Utrecht Jaarbeurs

Vakantiebeurs 2020 Utrecht Jaarbeurs

The Musjroom team was enthusiastic about the Vakantiebeurs 2020 in Utrecht Jaarbeurs. This anniversary edition of this event was an excellent success for the team. We literally stole the show, delighted hundreds of people and registered a significant number of people for our service.

Pin and win

In addition to the performances of various artists and all kinds of challenging activities, people at the Musjroom stand were able to have an exceptionally friendly experience. We have seen hundreds of people come by to participate in our "Prik en Win" promotion. Candidates were given the opportunity to indicate a city and then blindfolded to 'pin' on a world map. If they hit, they won a free stay in the indicated city. This resulted in a lot of surprising winners who will fully enjoy their trip.

Experience the local feeling

In addition to our "Pin and Win" activity, you could take a photo on the Musjroom bed and then share it on Instagram. This way you again had the chance to win a free stay through Musjroom. We can conclude that this was an extraordinary success. Friends, girlfriends, parents and grandparents, everyone wanted to take a picture on the Musjroom bed.

Sign me up

In addition to our activities that were aimed at winning a free local stay, we of course spoke with several people who were very interested in starting to rent out on Musjroom. We have been happy to help these potential hosts with all their questions. In addition, they have received great tips, such as taking qualitative photos (or request a free photo shoot) or other tips for starting te rent out on Musjroom.

This edition of the Vakantiebeurs clearly received extra attention and was more spectacular than ever. Celebrations, performances by famous artists and of course a look back at 50 years. Feel free to watch the summary video below.

Musjroom at Vakantiebeurs 2020 Utrecht Jaarbeurs