Recently, we analyzed our onboarding process of new hosts. Consequently, we are happy to announce that through reviewing this process we are able to remove 90% of the necessary steps to become a host on Musjroom.

We firmly believe that a product should be as easy and intuitive as possible to use. We notice that certain platforms are increasing the difficulty for users to become a host. This leads to very dissatisfied people. The feedback we receive from our users is very important and leading in the daily-operations of Musjroom. This enhances our motivation even more to push the limits of our platform. We have drastically shortened the steps to become a host on Musjroom. Potential hosts can now start renting out their stays with a single click on a button

With this recent improvement and many more to follow in the near future we hope that it has become even more easier for you to start renting out your accommodation on Musjroom.