Spontaneous travel, you'll just have to dare. It can feel a little tense, but it's a lot of fun!

What is "spontaneous travel" you ask yourself?

It started with one of our founders: Khosrou. He was looking for a cheap last minute overnight stay, but couldn't find what he was looking for. Even last minute, most hotel rooms are still quite expensive. Spontaneous travel is all about surrendering to the moment.

You would think that last minute travel is only for a certain type of people: the so-called "carefree individuals". This is complete nonsense! More and more people are looking forward to relinquishing control of their vacations and to travel more spontaneously. In fact, research by Hotwire.com shows that 82% of short-term travelers book their trip within 7 days before departure. 40% of Millennials even book their accommodation on the day of departure.

What are the benefits of last minute travel?

last minute travel
last minute travel 

It's exciting

Making the last-minute decision to go somewhere and just do it is very exciting. It feels spontaneous. It feels liberating, like you are young and carefree. Even if that's not the case at all. Are you someone who usually plans things well in advance? Then try to book a spontaneous trip. We guarantee you will feel the excitement and thrill of a last minute trip!

live in the moment
Live int the moment

You live in the moment

If you pay attention, you will notice that there are so many people who talk about how nice it is to look forward to a trip. And how they can't wait for their departure, because it's going to be so great. But if you are constantly looking for that next trip or some other shiny object in the future, you can never live in the moment. It is much better to enjoy what you are doing today. Then you really live in the moment.

save time
save time

you save time

Planning a vacation, or any kind of trip, can be very time consuming! If you don't have a lot of time, you can't spend that much time planning. You are forced to make decisions faster. This gives you less time to doubt. This is perfect for people who have lost hours endlessly comparing all options and then don't take the plunge. Especially booking a place to stay can occupy people for weeks (or more) before they really make a decision.

Save money
Save money

You save money

While this is not a guarantee and you should be quite flexible, chances are you can save a lot of money by booking last minute travel deals. Hotels often have last minute offers to still sell vacant rooms. Via Musjroom you can book a unique and affordable last minute stay with a trusted local. Finding a cheap flight can be more challenging. Tools like the Everywhere Search of Skyscanner can help you with that: there you will find the best deals on airline tickets.

Alles is fris in je gedachten
Alles is fris in je gedachten

Everything is fresh in your mind

People often tend to read as much as possible about a place before they leave so they know exactly what they want to see and do. When your memory isn't great, it's easy to forget great things you read while planning your trip. If you plan your trip at the last minute, these things will still be fresh in your mind.

What if you are a person who needs to have every moment of the day planned? We challenge you to try this approach to travel. Even one new experience a day can help open your world in ways you never could have predicted. Try something you've never eaten in your favorite restaurant. Try to book a special dayout. Or spend the night with a local instead of, as always, in a hotel.

Meet new people who enjoy the communal atmosphere of hostel life and discover that staying with local hosts is not that scary at all. We try to make it socially acceptable for everyone to travel, regardless of color or socio-economic background. Anyone who wants to travel should be able to. And to anyone who says, "Well, that all sounds great, but I still can't afford to travel!" Let's get you inspired. For a few tens you can already book a unique and affordable overnight stay with the free Musjroom App in Google Play or App Store.

What do you think of last minute travel? Do you like it or hate it? We would love to hear from you!