Read our 5 tips for renting out your vacationhome, private-room or sofa bed for the coolest experience

Read our 5 tips for renting out your vacationhome, private-room or sofa bed for the coolest experience

It does not sound obvious to everyone, but renting out your vacationhome, bed and breakfast, private-room or sofa bed can give you a lot of fun experiences. We at Musjroom speak a lot with our hosts who use our platform. It is very inspiring to hear all the stories. Many hosts have started offerin stays to earn extra pocket money. A few months later, a lot has often changed. Meeting new people brings so much positivity and inspiration that making money has shifted to second place. The guests are number one. And this is what we find most beautiful about our product, the connection that arises between, sometimes completely different, people. Many friendships and even some relationships have arisen through Musjroom. And all this by offering a local stay. How beautiful is that!
Maybe you are also thinking about renting out your own home, private-room or sofa bed. Or maybe you already offer stays and you could use some help to make it a success. In order to offer you a top experience, we have listed a number of tips for you. The information we have used for this article comes from personal conversations with our hosts and guests.

Tip 1: Offer something extra that surprise your guests

If you want to offer the best experience to your future guests, it is important to consider what extra value you can offer. Think of nice things that are actually not expected of you at all. This way you stand out and give your guests a warm welcome that they will remember.
A few examples:

  • Reserve a spot in your fridge for your guests to use.
  • Make sure you can offer a few extra phone chargers.
  • Set up a basket with extra blankets and pillows.
  • Light a few scented candles before your guests arrive. The accommodation will not only look cozier, but also smell wonderful.
  • Set up a basket of toiletries, such as shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, and hand soap.
  • Place a treat for your guests on the bed, such as candies, chocolates or a bag of chips.

Tip 2: Make it easy for your guests to choose the best dayouts

Most travelers will have a clear goal when booking a stay, but this is not the case for everyone. By giving your guests tips you can offer them an unforgettable experience. You probably know which sights they should not miss in the area. Although we sometimes think so, not everything can be found on the internet. And that is an opportunity for you to organize a unique dayout for your guests. For example, create a folder with tips and add discount coupons. There are hosts who go a step further and have agreements with local businesses to offer their guests extras, for example an extra discount on a dayout or a goodie bag. Other hosts take guests to the city to show the most beautiful spots in the area. Very special friendships have developed from this.

Tip 3: Prepare a delicious meal for your guests

Another tip that guarantees a special experience is preparing a delicious meal for your guests. Not everyone will be open to it, but if your guests want to immerse themselves in the moment, they will appreciate this very much. Of course you eat the meal together and this is the perfect time to get to know each other better. For example, make an Indian rice table, tapas or sushi. These are pre-eminently meals that increase cosiness.

Tip 4: Ask your guests about their needs

It seems obvious, but we have noticed that hosts often do not know at all what their guests want. And how important is this, you can now think ... well, the most important thing if you want your guests to have a great time and also leave a super cool review on the app. But how do you find out what your guests want? Yes, that's pretty easy, just ask them what they want. Of course you will not always be able to give what is asked, but often you can. What is a fact, in any case, is that you will learn more and more about your guests in this way. You can use this knowledge to make it even better for your future guests.

”I met Wouter when he was looking for a last minute overnight stay in Amsterdam through Musjroom and came to me. After eating tapas at home we went into town and had a great evening! I hadn't laughed like that in ages! From that moment on our friendship was a fact and we go out almost every month.”

Jelle van Zeilen, host on Musjroom

Tip 5: Think about yourself and specify clear house rules

We don't want to spoil the fun, but it's really important that you set your limits. This is best done by specifying a number of house rules. There's nothing strange about this, so don't be ashamed to hand it over to your guests upon arrival. Most guests will not need house rules, but sometimes people are not even aware that they are a nuisance. For example, if you live in a noisy flat, it is nice if your guests stop playing loud music after 10 p.m. and unintentionally disturb your neighbors. A number of agreements about how the accommodation should be left behind are also pleasant. And not only for you, but also for your guests. For example, many guests like to know where to leave used towels and bed linen before departure.

Use Musjroom for the coolest experience

Have you felt like meeting new people? We hope so, so that you too can experience how great it is to pamper your guests. If you use the Musjroom app, you can easily indicate on which dates you offer an overnight stay in your vacation home, private-room or sofa bed. You determine which guests will actually spend the night at your place, as well as the price. Do you offer your guests a top experience? Then you can count on excellent reviews, which in turn ensure more bookings. For more information check out the app on App Store or Google Play or visit our website.