Musjroom wins the prize for 'Geniaal Lokaal' from VISA!

Musjroom wins the prize for 'Geniaal Lokaal' from VISA!

'Geniaal Lokaal' is an initiative set up by VISA and De Ondernemer! During this initiative 15 entrepreneurs have been chosen who score high on innovation, distinction and sustainability. They are mainly entrepreneurs who are discovering opportunities everywhere to take their business to a higher level. We are also very proud to announce that Musjroom also won this win action.

Geniaal Lokaal

The win action of 'Geniaal Lokaal' gives us a lot of value. The online campaign worth €2,000 has given us a helping hand so that our platform reach as many people as possible. As a result, we expect to receive two million impressions, including on our website. This helps Musjroom as a platform enormously, because significantly more bookings will be generated for our hosts and as a result our platform will be more exposed to the public.

Why Musjroom?

Musjroom has not only survived this pandemic, we have also grown by 300% in the last quarters. Our ambitions are to form a bridge between travelers, local hosts and small size companies. This means that we want to realize and offer a so-called 'full local experience' to guests. This award helps Musjroom to take the initial steps towards that vision. On behalf of the management team we would like to thank everyone at VISA and De Ondernemer.