Last minute city trips

Last minute city trips

The idea for a city trip often comes up spontaneously. Imagine; you're on a birthday and someone comes up with the bright idea to book a last minute city trip before this weekend. Yes nice, a weekend away with friends, away from study, work and other obligations. But have you ever for example, tried to book a last minute overnight stay in Amsterdam? Don't do it unless you want to pay the top prize! At least, that's what is often thought. Don't be fooled! Booking a city trip is very easy to do if you know the best last minute offers. In this article you can read how to find cheap rooms using the super handy mobile app and website of Musjroom.

Why last minute travel is so much fun

Booking a last minute vacation or going for a weekend away is becoming increasingly interesting. By last minute we literally mean last minute. For example; on a Friday morning - you already have the weekend in mind - you get the idea of taking a city trip and you book a room in a nice city for the same weekend. Experiencing such spontaneous decision to leave is one of the most beautiful, intense experience and can even be addictive. This is because it gives you a feeling of freedom. You do not let yourself be restrained by daily obligations to get the best out of your life. You decide what you want in life and take the action to get it the moment you want it! Inspiring new ideas and people constantly come your way through these spontaneous actions. And the best part is that this option does not have to be expensive at all if you use Musjroom.

Why and Airbnb are not such great ideas is really super expensive when it comes to last minute travel and if you only want a room where you can crash in the evening, Airbnb is also not interesting; too expensive and meant more for a special overnight stay in an accommodation that you don't want to leave. Doesn’t look like a good option right? Assuming that you want to explore the city, roam the streets, go shopping, maybe explore different cultures and at the end of the day you want to find a nice restaurant to eat well before you dive into the pub. Too bad then, to waste your money on an overpriced last minute hotel room right?

The difference between Musjroom and Airbnb

Just like with Airbnb, overnight stays are offered by local hosts via Musjroom. The big difference is in the accommodation. Where you can choose from the most special apartments and holiday houses at Airbnb, the main focus of Musjroom is offering cheap unique overnight stays which can also be booked super last minute. You can book a place in Amsterdam for less than 35 euros or even cheaper in another cities. For example, you can book a private room at local hosts, but even a sofa bed can be offered in this way for a cheap overnight stay. Thus, it is ideal if you would rather spend your money in the city than on the room where you sleep in the evening.

How do you book the cheapest last minute city trip with Musjroom?

Booking a cheap room last minute is done with Musjroom. You can already book a place to stay for less than 35 euros (!!!) on the go if you use Musjroom. Musjroom’s website and mobile app are somewhat similar to and Airbnb, but are more user-friendly and faster. Musjroom is more focused on last minute booking. Choose the option to find a cheap overnight stay nearby and book your last minute accommodation within a few minutes. To search even faster, you can filter the price per night, the type of accommodation (private room, shared room or couch) and the number of guests.

Book the cheapest city trip today with the website or mobile app in Google Play or App Store !