Introducing House Rules

Introducing House Rules

A way to set rules for our hosts accommodations and a way to provide a better experience for our guests? That is exactly what we did with the launch of House Rules.

Musjroom offers a platform where thousands of people come together in diverse, unique and affordable accommodations. These stays are offered by our fantastic hosts, who once again do their best to provide the best experience for their guests. Some hosts rent out to generate extra money, others make living out of it. What they have in common is that they really care about their accommodations. This makes it essential that guests behave properly during their stay. To guarantee this as a platform, we have launched House Rules.

What is 'House Rules?'

House Rules allow hosts to set rules that guests must adhere to during their stay. Hosts can specify which house rules they use for each listed accommodation. In addition, there is also an option to specify extra house rules, such as the prohibition of smoking, alcohol or parties.

How does 'House Rules' work?

You can easily add House Rules to your accommodation via the app and the website. Specifying House Rules is optional and can be done by:

  1. Add a listing and go through each step
  2. You will automatically arrive at the House Rules step at the end
  3. Specify which standard house rules you apply to your listing
  4. Add extra house rules if necessary
  5. Publish your listing

  6. You can, of course, also change House Rules afterwards. You can do this by:

    1. Navigating to one of your listings
    2. Then press the edit icon
    3. Under the tab "Booking settings" you will find the house rules that you can change

    We are super excited about this feature and hope it will bring tremendous value guests and hosts.