Embed your listing on other websites

Embed your listing on other websites

From today, it is possible to embed your listing on your own or on other websites. With this article, we describe why we made this function possible and how it works.

We cannot repeat it often enough that we strongly focus on facilitating our hosts. We do this by not only building tools and services for you that make renting out your accommodations as pleasant as possible, but we also listen carefully to your feedback.

What do we mean by embedding your listing?

As soon as a host has published her listing on Musjroom, we want to draw attention to it as much as possible to realize qualitative bookings. We do this through various ways and (paid) channels. Our aim is to give our hosts the opportunity to promote their listings. Hereby, hosts are even more capable of having their ideal guests book their stay. By embedding a listing, guests will see a badge (in the form of a button) on the website page. Guests who click on this button will land on your listing page on Musjroom.

How does it work?

Embedding your listing on your own or other websites works as follows:

  1. Add a listing or go to the relevant listing
  2. By going to the "Listing" tab, you can press "Embed listing" at the very bottom of the page
  3. Copy the displayed iFrame link
  4. Add the iFrame link on your own or other website

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are super enthusiastic about this feature and hope it will bring a lot of value to you too!